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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Keeks continues struggling along...

This morning I woke up to find Kikos right eye black and cloudy. So I rushed to the ER.  I am hoping that its temporary and that its just from bumping into something and not the beginning of blindness.  Poor little girl.  Just recently I found out that her back legs have no joints at the ankle and I am in the process of making her braces.  *Sigh* What next?  Hehe, no mater what happens nothing will change her attitude for life! and for food!  My little crippled toothless Keeks! If she can survive Distemper she's got the will power to pull herself through ANYTHING!  Below is a video I made when I was feeling glum today, of the last time she ran a lure course. I will no longer be able to let her run like that.  Gosh she used to love chasing the lure! She gave the big dogs a run for their money. 


Terra said...

Just found your blog! Jedi & Soaks have their own blog too (

Poor Kiko... I hope she's alright. Sorry to hear about her having to give up lure. She looks like she had a fab time!

Hazyland Border Collies & Biscuit said...

Poor Kiko - I hope her eye is soon looking better.
Love your blog and your UTubes.
Best wishes
('heelwork2music' on UTube)

Pam's Dog Academy said...

We hope Keeks is doing better!
Get well soon,
Pam, Isabelle, and Bandit

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