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Monday, July 6, 2009

The adventures of Splasherpup and Keeks

The faces of innocence! 
Keeks- 'How DARE you compete with my cuteness!'
Splasherpup- "Take THAT to your cuteness!"

Keeks- "I'm warning you!"
Splasherpup- "Ok! Ok! You win!'
"Phew! That was exhausting!"
Kikopup- "Ha ha! I have this pup wrapped around my little paw!"


Just Jesse the Jack said...

The adventures of Splasherpup and Keeks is so adorable!! Splash! was such a cute puppy =)

Pam's Dog Academy said...

What great pictures and I am sure even better memories! I Love your dogs!

Automotive Dealer F&I said...

Those dogs are so cute. I think Stephen Dent could train them if you wanted. Anyway, keep up the great job and post more great pictures.

Habilidades Caninas "HechiAsia" said...

Que lindas fotos !!!!