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Friday, October 15, 2010

How to teach a sit down or stand stay


Linda Ward said...

I'm at 3.45 and Fred just keeps walking on backwards. :(

Emily Larlham said...

if it was for the sit, you can try lifting the treat higher, or if that doesnt work you could work in a corner so the dog couldnt back up. Try holding the treat in different ways- a fist, or between two fingers- another thing you can do is click for the dog looking up at the treat first.
If you taught a leave it from the hand- it could be the dog is acting polite and thinking you are doing a leaveit from the hand- in this situation you can click the dog for first following the treat

if the dog is backing up from the stand to the down- you can at first try luring the dog under your leg or a low chair- to get the treat- enouraging the dog to go down..

hope that helped! I know! its hard!

Unknown said...

Hi Emily! First of all thank you for all of your great videos. Me and my lovely 4 month old Jack Russell Terrier Blake are really enjoying learning tricks!

I have a problem with the "down" and the "stand". He soon learnt to sit, but there is no way for me to teach him how to go down. He keeps standing up in order to get the treat or he he gets frustrated and starts walking around. I do not want to force him, but I believe it is very important for him to learn to stay down. Can you please help me?

Unknown said...

PS: I organize events with dogs in Italy and I would love to learn your method very well, so that I will be able to "spread the word" in Italy too. :D

Thank you so much, Elisabetta & Blake

AllahRakha said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Emily,
first of all I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!
You are fantastic and inspiring in such a gorgeous way.
I'd wish more german dogtrainers would use clickertraining and could be able to see how wonderful your training with dogs is.

I have a little question for you.
Me and my two chihuahua ladys are living in a one-room apartement and I'm wondering how I can train both at the same time or if it is worse if one of the dogs could hear the clicker but gets no treat.
How do you handle that with your dogs?

Pardon me for my bad english.
Lovely greetings from Germany,