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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beginner Dog Training Videos!

I have decided to create a series of beginning dog training videos. How to train new puppies or adult dogs! I will be uploading the videos to my youtube channel
and also creating a list of videos on my website:

Here is the first video in the series: How to charge the clicker and muffle it so that it is not too loud.

If you can't or don't want to use a clicker this is a video of how to use the same tutorials without using a clicker yourself!


MademoiselleBlume said...

Hi !
We love your blog and give you the Pawsome Blogger Award !
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Baïka the swiss cavalier !

Abby Lavender said...

In my dog training experience, I have found several tools that are extremely helpful, one of which is this link I will post here. Wanted to share with you all, this is a great tool.

Laura Caudill said...

I have a question -
I live out in the country and neighbor dogs are always coming into my yard. I don't have a fence and I have been studying your videos on clicker training and I am ready for a dog, but am concerned about neighbor dogs visiting my yard. I know they will excite any dog I bring home and am wondering how you suggest handling this problem. I have already called the police for the people to keep their dogs on their own property but it didn't work. Thank you so much and thanks for all your wonderful videos.

Technician 101 said...

Dog training has never been more simplified and more effective than right now. With the proper instruction and the right tools, you can quickly and easily train your dog, of almost any age, faster than you may have ever thought possible.

afk said...

Dear Kikopup, I would like to thank you SO MUCH for these training videos! I applaud you for sharing it with the world! I truly think that by having this type of information open to the public more people (new and old pet owners) will learn other ways of treating and teaching your pets good manners.

I have learned so much, and I am teaching my parents (who are a bit old school in handling our dogs...) this new philosophy. My boyfriend and I are getting an icelandic shepherd and will put your skills to good use! Hope to see many more videos :)

Unknown said...

I arrived yesterday to my first obedience training for puppies. I got scared seeing my Jack Russel in the middle of boxers and dobermans. Finally, all is going well. The dogs are trained at their own pace and according to their own nature!
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Unknown said...

The timing has a great role in your success. Praise him as soon as he shows some good behavior. Likewise, scold him for each of his bad behavior.

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Unknown said...

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Caitlin said...

I just love your blog and your videos! I have learned so much by watching you train your dogs and you have inspired. Thank you!
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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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