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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Splash! wins second level of Canine Runway

Splash! was one of 4 Finalists chosen yesterday to compete in the final Third Round of Canine Runway yesterday.  I really couldn't believe my eyes when we were told we were to perform in front of a line of 8 aussies! (4 of them looked a lot like Splash!) so my hopes of getting through to the next round seemed suddenly dependent on her tricks.  Luckily Splash! was happy to give it her best. The MC was one of the guys from Greatest American Dog, Michael with his dog Ezzie.  Check out the youtube video. 

Splash! tests the waters

Splash! tries out dock diving at Wags for Wishes in San Diego.  The first day she had a blast, but the second day she jumped off and landed on the ramp. This scared her and we couldnt motivate her to jump from the dock again, so we went to fiesta island and practiced there where she really got into it again.  :) I believe she will be awesome at dock diving someday, as she loves to do crazy things. Kiko watched on with disgust. Sadly I have no video of her first jump. :( 

Ventura Nightmare!

Kiko and I accompanied a friend to Ventura CA to do 3 days of rally, the day we arrived Kiko came down with stomach trouble.  That night I was lucky to wake up in the motel at 2 AM.  I heard Kiko wake up and start scratching, so I thought 'yay! she's feeling better!'  When I turned the lights on I was horrified to see her distorted face.  We rushed her to the emergency room where we spent most of the night.  I could have lost her!  I am so grateful she woke me up. 
The last picture is how her nose should look. Poor Kiko!