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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A new beginning...

Since Kiko got her right eye removed she has become a different dog.  It's as though we went back in time to when she was 2 years old.  She is playing more and more active.  Today she kept up with all the other dogs on our hike in the woods,  usually she would walk only a couple of minutes before needing to be carried.  She has been blind in her right eye for some time, so it has not been a shock for her not to be able to see.  So life has only gotten better, as she is not in pain any longer.  The lens of her eye had detached and was knocking into her cornea and even with drops that were supposed to keep the lens in place, she acted miserable.  Her eye used to bother her all the time.  Kiko is a joy to behold.  She is even going up to say hi to dogs she would usually avoid, like an excitable Flat Coated Retriever the other day.