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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Miyako youtube addict

A very shy and sound sensitive Border Collie Miyako rescued by Tracy, was very worried about the noise of the clicker among other noises.  While watching a youtube video with a clicker in it, her owner noticed Miyako seemed interested, so she started conditioning the noise of the clicker on the computer with treats! I think that is such a cool thing to do!  A great game to play with a sound sensitive dog.  The cool thing is you could raise the volume incrementally with just a click of a button. 

It's so wonderful to see a dog blossoming when she is in the right situation and given the right information. 

'Her confidence is building in many ways and this shows in her posture in the last photo. She looks relaxed, content, and no longer fearful of the camera.'

Gosh, had to post the pics too, because Miya is so darn cute! 

Splash! wins Starpet 2008 in New York!

I will come back and post a video and more info. But Splash! and I had a blast in New York City!

Kiko update: Eye 100% better!

I am so grateful! Kiko's eye is better!