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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Confusion about crate training...

'One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do...'

'Two can be as bad as one...'
Kiko was not enthused about Splash's preference for HER crate!  

Thought I would post some pics since I missed out on blogging when I first got my pup! She is seven months at the moment but these pics are back when she was around 9 weeks.  


Val said...

Now that is adorable. I'm surprised Splash managed to fit her whole body in there! Let alone Kiko on top! -grins-

I love your videos on youtube. They've helped me get a clearer idea of several things I'm teaching so thank you. ^_^

Good luck with your girls, they're doing amazing.

Emily Larlham said...

Thanks! Im trying to get a hang of this blogging thing... any tips would be appreciated!

Sarah said...

I'm happy to find your blog! I love your stuff on youtube, I check in on your videos often. Watching your technique helps me with my dogs; thanks for taking the time to make and post the videos.

I plan to check in on your blog to learn about what you, kikopup and Splash are up to.


Unknown said...

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