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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mission Trails Park


Chris and Ricky said...

Cool - my mom and dad have been to Mission Trails - my grandma lives in El Cajon. Maybe I'll get to go some day and we'll be walking out there and run into you!

JD said...

From Rick and Jilli Dog!

Hey Emily!

It was so nice to hear from you! We 'just' found your message on YouTube! Thanks so much for the kind words, you are very nice to say that! If I had to lose, I was happy that it was to such a nice person, and super trainer, and wonderful pup! Splash is beautiful and talented!

We're going to be in San Fran in Jan (weekend of 10th) and again in March, but I think you said you were in S Cal, right? We get to San Diego and LA, also! I'm sure we'll run into you sometime, and a dog related event!-)

We were on Animal Planet a few weeks ago, here's the link. It's about 4 min...

How are you doing with Bash! Is he doing PR for you and Spash, and getting work? I hope so! You guys deserve it!

Take care. our email address is rickcaran hotmail com

Best regards,

Rick, Jilli and Spidey

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Anonymous said...

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kaney said...

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