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Friday, February 20, 2009

1st Annual Doggie Street Festival- Freestyle Performance March 1st

Come by and check out Splash's new routine!
Pam with her talented Border Collie Bandit will also be performing amazing tricks! 

vistit this site for more details!:


Pam's Dog Academy said...

Emily, You are awesome! Bandit and I are looking forward to the doggie festival. Pam

Virginia Gallego said...


~John said...

Love! the blog. Its awesome.

Quick question - if you don't mind?! :)

my squirrelly, amazing, awesome, beautiful crazy GSD has been diagnosed with EPI! Thus, she cant get fed anything that hasn't been treated with her medication (which also involves soaking the food) This makes training with treats near impossible. Any suggestions for using the clicker (from the start) without treats? Can this still work for me? I'm a little frustrated, she does so well just with vocal commands sometimes, and other times, its like the 7th ring of hell is spawning from her brain. :) Any suggestion?

Thanks for all the great videos! -- If you wanna see some great dog photography - check out my website at