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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Natural Dog/ Dog Fancy Flip Issue- Splash and Emily

One of Splash's prizes for winning Canine Runway finally came about! She was to be on the cover of Dog Fancy, but I think cause she is not part of the American Kennel Club or for whatever reason, they decided to have her on the back cover. So I am very grateful for Splash and I being on the Flip Side of Dog Fancy- Natural Dog... but being a photographer myself, I can't believe they did the biggest error that even casual photographers avoid-  making your subjects stare directly into the sun...  I am so picky! I am a control freak!  I actually sent them pics that I thought would be good for the cover (just of Splash of course!). 


Unknown said...

Congrats Emily! When is the issue going to be available?

Astrid said...

That is very cool!

Pam's Dog Academy said...

Way to go Splash & Emily! Totally Awesome!

vchiumw said...

Oh, no way! That's so cool. Congratulations on your win, Rockstars.